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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Well finally Corally has released the SP12X. The SP12X is available in two versions the EURO Spec (00066) and the US Spec (00067).

Details of the Euro Spec:

  • Corally wheel system with double supported rear wheels for true and durable performance. Quick change front and rear wheels using special Corally clips.
  • Lightweight Chassis (2.4 mm graphite).
  • Wheels with mounted tires included.
  • Weight : 197 gram (excluding bodyshell, electronics, wheels and tires).
  • Rear Width : 170 mm. 
  • Front Width : 166 mm.

Details of the US Spec:

  • Universal ‘US Standard’ wheel system using lightweight duraluminium rear wheel hubs.
  • Extra stiff chassis with minimum cut-outs (2.4 mm graphite).
  • No wheels and tires included.
  • Weight : 194 gram (excluding bodyshell, electronics, wheels and tires).
  • Rear Width : 170 mm.
  • Front Width : 168 mm.

The big difference between the two cars the is the type of wheels that can be used. The Euro Spec still uses the Corally based wheels as the US Spec uses the US type wheels. With the US Spec you will be able to use JACO, PARMA and CRC type wheels. Seeing that the US type wheels has more shore type as to the Corally shore. Now it is possible to change the Euro Spec to a US type wheel. You will need the following items from Corally:

  • 75846 SP12X US Spec – Left Wheel Hub – Red anodised duraluminium
  • 75848 SP12X US Spec – Right Wheel Hub – Red anodised duraluminium
  • 75863 SP12X, SP12M – Rear axle – Graphite – UNIVERSAL WHEELS (170 mm)
  • 75856 SP12X US Spec – Front Axle – Width: 168 mm – Hardened steel
  • 75858 SP12X US Spec – Front Axle – Width: 168~172 mm – Red anodised

The US Spec kit does not come with wheels and tires as Corally does not make the US type wheels. Both the Euro and US spec have the holes in the front for the Asso front end as been used by David Spashett World Chiampion Car 2006.

The US Spec car is more for carpet as it comes the  extra stiff chassis which will be more suited for carpet. 
If you are going to use the SP12X for asphalt you should get the thinner t-bar with order number 74730 (SP12X – T-Bar, Soft – 1.6 mm GRP ) which will help in getting more grip in the rear.

 The SP12X uses different type of front spring as to the SP12M version. The optional springs:

  • 75564 SP12X – Front Springs, Soft – 4.0 T / 1.5 mm – OPTIONAL (1 pair)
  • 75565 SP12X – Front Springs, Medium – 3.5 T / 1.5 mm (1 pair)
  • 75566 SP12X – Front Springs, Hard – 3.0 T / 1.5 mm – OPTIONAL (1 pair)

To chose between the 2 version should depend on what type of surface you will using the SP12X and what type of wheels you can get at your LHS. You could always get the optional parts to be able to use the US type wheels.

 I hope this information will be of some use in choosing the right car.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 September 2006 )
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