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Written by Ronald van Maanen   
Friday, 13 April 2007

Finding the right setup for 12th scale you don't need many tools but sometimes there are certain tools that just make life easy. Now Unity Tool Inc. has a tweak board that really can make life easy. You can do tweak settings but it has camber, caster, and toe in  blocks. These can be placed on the tweak board to set camber, caster and toe in/out on the car.

This the only tweak board that has these options for 12th scale. This tweak board can also be used in other cars like TC 10th scale.

This teak board can be ordered directly from Unity Tool Inc and instruction page .

Source: RedRC and Unity Tool Inc.

Read more to see the pictures of this nice complete tweak board.

(Links have been updated.)

More information can be found on the Unity Tool Inc. web site. 

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Tweak Board with bag

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Tweak Board Unity Tools

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Camber Setting

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Toe in/out setting

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Camber setting

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Caster setting

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Top view

Tweak Board Unity Tools
Unity Tool

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 February 2010 )
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