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Thursday, 20 September 2007

After driving years with a Corally, a short adventure with an Associated,
a dream of creating my car was finally realised in 2005 with the Vantomme M1.1
(a concept car based on the SpeedMerchant Rev4).
The first try was merely a check whether the carbon fibre supplier could do the job...
He did a superb one, so my ambition was now a truly own design...

A few corrections were made to the very first design:
1)numerous chassis cut-outs
2)extreme small lower motor plate for easy access motor
3)a sharp X shape front design
4)a very short chassis with an extra bumper to attach
5)own designing using AutoCAD program to realy fine-tune the chassisline

Vantomme M12
Vantomme M12

The 'VantommeM12' (2007/09) hit the circuit for the very first time last weekend, this during a 'MRCZ Challenge race' (qualified in 2nd, 3rd in race),
battling with CorallySP12M, Hotbodies Cyclone12, CRC T-fource and L4's. Further testing and exploration of the car its possibilities are sheduled!

For more 'first' pics:

Source: Rctech

Vantomme M12
Vantomme M12

Vantomme M12
Vantomme M12

Vantomme M12
Vantomme M12

Vantomme M12
Vantomme M12

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