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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Team Corally introduces the ‘10X New Generation’ 1/10th scale on-road racer with all new features. This car’s design is based on the World Championship winning 12X concept resulting in an easy to work on high performance driving machine. It offers great part availability since most parts on this new 10X are inter-changeable with the 12X.

The 10X New Generation uses the World’s best materials and production methods which includes high grade graphite chassis parts, 7075T6 aluminium motorpod and graphite rear axle. This combines super low weight with high rigidity and durable on-track performance.

Corally 10X-New Generation
Corally 10X-New Generation

Source: Corally

10X New Generation (#00145) FEATURES:

      • Fully equipped with super strong hardened black steel torx screws.
      • The precision chrome steel front and rear wheel bearings offer long lasting, low rolling resistance and efficiency.
      • Super lightweight and user friendly aluminium inserts are used to replace normal nuts.
      • Unique 1-piece graphite rear axle with ball differential.
      • High grade graphite chassis components with pre-shaped battery slots.
      • Super smooth rear suspension using 2.0mm GRP t-bar with 2 rear tube-dampers and shock absorber.
      • WC front suspension as used on the World Championship winning 12X.
      • Duraluminium servo mounts.
      • Super rigid duraluminium motorpod using unique tube design.
      • Front & rear adjustable ride height.
      • Threaded body posts for precise body height adjustment.
      • The ‘US Standard’ 1:10 wheels run on lightweight duraluminium rear wheel hubs.
      • Rear Width : 225mm.
      • Front Width : 220mm.
      • The 10X New Generation comes partially assembled. 

Corally 10X-New Generation
Corally 10X-New Generation

Corally 10X-New Generation
Corally 10X-New Generation

Corally 10X-New Generation
Corally 10X-New Generation


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