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Written by Ronald van Maanen   
Thursday, 03 December 2009

Corally released the SP12WC Lipo Spec. The chassis is ready for single cell pack as well for saddle packs.

SP12WC lipo spec 

It is a SP12X LiPo car kit with Titanium screws and ceramic ball bearings.

SP12WC lipo spec

 IP5000 LiPo - SINGLE CELL HARD STICK - ROAR LEGAL! (3.7 Volt / 40C):

SP12WC lipo spec

 CORALLY 4200 LiPo - Saddle Pack Hard Case - ROAR LEGAL! (7.4 Volt / 35C):

SP12WC lipo spec

SP12WC lipo spec 


Source: Corally

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