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Thursday, 03 December 2009
Team V-Dezign will release all-new Carpet Ripper 3.0 1/12th scale upgrade kit soon!

The new CR 3.0 has been tested track tested intensively thru the last few months at several different tracks with good results and will be ready to production soon in few weeks.

New CR 3.0 link car is designed and tested to be used with either 1S LiPo or 4cell NiMH.

Note that despite the new CR3.0 kit, also CR2.0 parts will be available and the development of the CR2.0 t-bar car will continue.

Some of the features of Carpet Ripper 3.0:

  • Super narrow chassis – improved corner speed
  • Optimized wheelbase – improved handling on all track types
  • Optimized motor placement for brushless motors
  • All graphite parts made from hi-quality 2.25mm material
  • Uses AE links and springs
Source: V-Dezign
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Is T-bars getting more popular to Links cars.

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