New Corally US Factory Wheels
Written by Ronald van Maanen   
Thursday, 28 December 2006

Corally release new US wheels white and foam donuts.

 75813 1:12 Front Wheels –US Factory Wheels (1 pair)
 75814 1:12 Rear Wheels –US Factory Wheels (1 pair)

Front Wheels

The new foams are available as donuts or mounted on the new wheels.

 1409 1:12 Rear Tires –Double Pink (1 pair of donuts)
 14509 1:12 Rear Tires on Corally Wheels –Double Pink (1 pair)

Other 1:12 Rear / Front Tires are also available on the new Corally US Factory wheels.

146051:12 Rear Tires on US Factory Wheels –ORANGE (1 pair)
146061:12 Rear Tires on US Factory Wheels –GOLD (1 pair)
146071:12 Rear Tires on US Factory Wheels –GREY (1 pair)
146081:12 Rear Tires on US Factory Wheels –PINK (1 pair)
146091:12 Rear Tires on US Factory Wheels –DOUBLE PINK (1 pair)
146171:12 Front Tires on US Factory Wheels –PURPLE (1 pair)
146191:12 Front Tires on US Factory Wheels –DOUBLE PINK (1 pair)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 February 2007 )
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