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Diggity Designs 3D08 1/12th Kit
Written by REV Scale   
Saturday, 17 November 2007

Diggity Designs have released their latest 12th scale car kit 3D08. The 3D08 is based on their race proven 3D12 12th scale car kit. The main feature allows you to mount brushless ESC's on the side of the chassis and install brushless motors without any wire problems. You can now mount your electronics as far to the rear as possible. They  have widened the rear outer springs location to help with mounting brushless motors and to improve performance and stability.

The 3D08's carbon fiber pieces are CNC milled using the best quality 2.5mm quasi carbon available to the market. Kits include performance proven CRC red anodized aluminum parts and Associated's race winning pro-strut front end kit. Holes are pre-drilled to allow the mounting of JR-3550, JR-3650, Hitec 225, KO-949, Futaba-9650, and Airtronics 94141 and 94145 servos.

Includes everything you will need minus servo saver, motor screws, body and tires since these change depending on the application and racer's choice. Parts are available in our Accessories and Spare parts pages.


Diggity Designs 3D08 1/12th Kit

Source: Diggity Designs

The CEFX C12 is Reborn
Written by REV Scale   
Monday, 24 September 2007

Josh Cyrul release some information on their latest car on rctech. The picture is just a CAD design but some more will follow when the car Is ready.

Here is what Josh Cyrul wrote:

I posted a few days ago with coming pics of a few new CEFX C12 updates but after days of testing with Mike, I have come to learn a lot about our C12 and how it reacts with Brushless Mod in the car. I am very happy with the performance/balance of the C12 when we run brushed motors but with brushless it just feels like something has been missing. The gyro effect and pod torque is drastically reduced with brushless, the added weight of the entire brushless system just makes the window of oppertunity for that perfect set-up is just so sensitive to keep in check.

At first, we wanted to be able to offer everyone a simple option kit for their C12 that would allow them to switch over from brushed to brushless with only a few parts. As we tested though, we found so many things that drastically improved every part of the C12's performance with the Brushless Modified set-up. Today, I tested a lot of ideas and revisions that I have thought about for a very long time and the results were dramatic.

After a long discussion about the future of our 1/12 program we decided to leave the C12 as is. It has been a top contender at every race in Stock and 19T and there is no reason to compromise what we feel is one of the best 1/12 cars on the market for brushed racing. We will continue to support the C12 Evo2 and all our stock and 19T drivers will continue on with this car through the 2007-2008 season and possibly beyond that.

For brushless racing though, the C12 has been reborn. Mike Blackstock and myself will be piloting the new CEFX 1/12 BL cars in Las Vegas @ the IIC. The PHOENIX will be the first 1/12 car 100% designed and tested specifically for brushless racing. No compromise. Mike and I will be testing the Phoenix @ CEFX this weekend. If everything goes as it has in the previous testing, production will start immediatly.

Pictures and more details coming soon!!

Vegas, here we come!!!


Source: REDRC, RCTech 


Last Updated ( Monday, 24 September 2007 )
Speed Merchant Rev5 release
Written by REV Scale   
Monday, 24 September 2007

Speed Merchant has release information of there latest 1/12th scale car the Rev5. The Rev 5 will be available on-line the 2nd week in October. The new pod plates are actually machined Delrin, and they save a ton of weight over standard aluminum ones. Due to batteries getting heavier every season, and brushless motor/ESC combos weight and handling differential compared to their brushed counterparts, we decided to go with the Delrin plates to off-set some of the weight in the rear of the car. The biggest change on Rev5 is it new front end. The new link front end that was sturdy enough to hold up to the speeds and forces generated in today's cars. By supporting the top of the king pin with 2 balls, the upper link arm is very stiff and strong, and doesn't move during a crash. The picture gives a better idea on the front end.

SpeedMerchant Rev5

Source: Speed Merchant, Redrc 

Last Updated ( Monday, 24 September 2007 )
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