4-Cell Transponder Voltage Booster
Written by Ronald van Maanen   
Saturday, 26 May 2007

Novak has released a 4-Cell Transponder Voltage Booster which should prevent laps not being counted when the battery gets to a low level.

Description from Novak:

Novak's 4-Cell Transponder Voltage Booster is the ideal counterpart for all 4-cell applications, including the #1714 GTB 4-Cell Brushless ESC. The module connects between the vehicle's transponder and the receiver, and boosts voltage to the transponder for consistent lap counting — even when the battery pack is dumped.


Novak Electronics 4-Cell Transponder Voltage Booster

Source: Novak Shop

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 June 2007 )
Corally release Asso Front end SP12X
Written by Ronald van Maanen   
Friday, 18 May 2007

Corally finely released its new front end for the Corally SP12X that is based on the ASSO/CRC front end. Corally has always had it own type front but after they won the World Championship using a CRC front end it could not take before the would release there own production of the ASSO front end.


Lower A arms

Here is the list of parts with there order number:

Part#   Item:
75950 12X WC Front suspension conversion kit
75960 12X WC Upper suspension mounts – 0°, 5° & 10° Caster (3 pairs) 
75962 12X WC Upper suspension arms (1 pair)
75964 12X WC Lower A arms (1 pair)
75966 12X WC Upper turnbuckles (1 pair)
75968 12X WC Upper pivot sockets (1 pair)
75970 12X WC Pivot balls
75972 12X WC Steering blocks (1 pair)
75974 12X WC Kingpins (1 pair)
75976 12X WC Kingpin shims (8 pcs)
75978 12X WC Hingepins – Titanium (1 pair)
75979 12X WC Hingepins – Hardened steel (1 pair)
75980 12X WC Hingepins – Hardened steel – L shaped (1 pair)
75982 12X WC E-clips 1/8" (6 pcs)
75984 12X WC Setscrews 5-40 x 1/8" (4 pcs)
75986 12X WC Springs ,020 (1 pair)
75995 12X WC Bodyposts – Including body pivots and clips (4 pcs)

Source: Corally Web Site

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 June 2007 )
Carpet Ripper 07
Written by Ronald van Maanen   
Thursday, 03 May 2007

V-Dezign has released there latest car as an update kit for cars like AE L3, L4 and other US based T-bar. This car has already dominated the British Nationals in the hands of Andy Griffiths winning both 19t and Modified classes

Carpet Ripper 07 CAD pictures V-Dezign

The CR ’07 update kit will include the following parts:

  1. Hi-Quality Graphite Chassis
  2. Light weight Motor pod with super low CG
  3. Body post plates
  4. Shock plate/upper motor pod plate
  5. Extra tweak plate
  6. Rear stiffener for motor pod
  7. Motor pod lower plate
  8. Smooth Tube dampeners

The price for the kit is 140 € and should be available in May.

Source: V-Dezign

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 June 2007 )
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